July 10, 2010

2 weeks from...today

2 weeks from today Matt and I get married! So crazy really. But we are just chuggin along our every day lives. We work a lot and then come home and do wedding stuff. It's been fun, and enjoyable and just exciting to see our ideas come to life.

We are most thrilled about having so many people we care about together. How fabulous will this wedding weekend be? We are fortunate to have such wonderful people surrounding us and willing to help us with anything and everything. Oh I love... love. Love is such a great thing and our friends and family are phenomenal at it.

So though I don't have many updates related to things non wedding, I guess you can figure out why.... wedding is on the brain! We sure can't wait to enjoy the day and then just be married! Oh there is so much excitement ahead of us.

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