August 31, 2011

I Love Visitors

So Matt went off to orientation on Monday and I got a phone call from mom. I knew they wanted to come down sometime this week with a couple more loads of 'stuff' from their garage that is so graciously housing our excess baggage (they are also thrilled to get it out of their garage, and I don't blame them). But I was not sure they would be arriving as early as Monday... but they did!

It was very nice to see them pull in. Not only was I getting a visit from my ma and pa but they also drove down my car. This means I have wheels and I'm free to go when the house gets a little stale. I was really looking forward to visiting with them while Matt was off being oriented with all things graduate school. We also had some big plans for their stay. You know the nasty carpet in the kitchen? Well that is no more! Well it's actually still there, but we decided to lay down some flooring to provide a harder and more easily cleaned surface. And it looks awesome! It's only a temporary floor, meaning we can pull it up when we leave but provides us with a whole lot better looking kitchen and less stains on the carpet from cooking.

Mom, Dad and I all had a great time putting it together while Matt was at school. When he came in, his kitchen looked transformed. Not only did we complete the floor project, but we also worked on organizing some stuff. Moving from a larger space to a smaller one has proved to be a challenge and really just gets down right frustrating. But with moms magic we were able to consolidate and organize quite nicely.

We even made a trip to the local AMVets during their stay! We got cheap beer, and some yummy fried food. It was a nice evening out. And because I am a life time member of the AMVets I got a key card to enter the club any time we want. This means Matt and I will be able to go somewhere for some really cheap food and drink and not worry about any other Ohio University student being there. We quite possibly maybe the youngest visitors they have... and we are a-okay with that.

All in all it was a great visit with my parents. They pulled out of our driveway at 1:00pm today... and I am now officially on my own as I try to transition to this extremely laid back and non-social season of my life. Here is hoping I find a job sooner than later... we shall see.

Until then... or at least until Matt gets home from Day 3 of orientation... I think I will go iron some clothes. I'm trying hard to domesticate myself... so not my thing. :)

And if you did not catch the title of this entry... I will repeat.... I LOVE Visitors. So hey... come see me! :)

Best dad in the world.

Hard at work for us. Thanks Dad!

Looks pretty good... right? Why wouldn't this just be a normal feature of the kitchen?
 No more carpet!

View from our laundry room


  1. Wow that room really looks nice, that guy does good work. Miss you guys.