September 2, 2011

Coffee Table Beautification

So once Matt and I knew what our new space in Athens would look like... we had a few ideas in mind for our living room.

If any of our guests at our last place remember our giant orange couch, you will also remember the giant orange ottoman that came along with the couch. We love that ottoman... and we love this orange couch! But... we struggled a bit with the functionality of the ottoman. We loved being able to prop up our big ol' feet, but it was hard to keep from sliding away because of its wheels, and it just did not provide enough hard top surface even with the serving tray we plopped on top.

So on one of Matt's occasional quick walk-throughs at the local Goodwill, he found a really cool coffee table with great potential for our new space in Athens. We were pretty disgusted by it original painted design, but knew that a little hard work would go a long way on this neatly designed table. I believe we purchased the table for $22 bucks.... and used about three cans of spray paint at $4.50 a can.
Matt hard at work on our Goodwill purchased coffee table. Amazing what a little sanding can do!
I failed to get a picture of this bad boy before the sanding process started, but it's an odd image of branches, flowers and birds. Not cute at all.
We had some extra tinted primer on hand so we decided to go ahead and paint the table first. Then start the spray painting process. 

Rust-oleum with a Hammered look. I didn't want anything too Matte finished.

With several cans of paint... we ended up with a really great piece that we love in our new place.....

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