October 12, 2011

But I liked my old License better. boo.

So this birthday was a new drivers license birthday. which is not all that terrible, however... because I just got married last year, I had a fairly new license already (with my name change). But did you know that even if you get a new ID with your name change it does not renew it for another four years? bah. So I knew this from last year, but was frustrated when my birthday came around and had one more chore, a new license. Particularly a new license in a new place. So after we found the DMV I was all set. My only other complaint, besides forking out another 26 bucks, was the new picture. In my old license you could see I was a newly wed, it's all in the face. I was loving my new hair cut and loving that my license would have "Thomson" as my name. My most recent license looks as though I am completing a chore and just gave the government more money. But to document my first married license... I took a picture and then compared (before they took it from me to destroy or whatever they do with them):

Old License

New License
I wish growing my hair out was not such a pain. Seeing my hair short is just so tempting.

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