October 12, 2011

Columbus Visit

Matt and I had been anticipating a free weekend to go to Columbus and see our folks there. A few weekends ago seemed to be the perfect day for our visit. Our good friend Melissa landed a job in Columbus so we new we wanted to celebrate with her and just enjoy the city. The weekend we decided to visit happened to be a Saturday when all our other Columbus peeps were out of town, so we hit the streets with just Mel... but it was fantastic and perfect. I was just so happy to spend time with her, laugh and enjoy what God has been doing in both of our lives. It was a time to celebrate and get giddy about the fact that we live closer now and will have frequent fun weekends!

The Saturday we chose to visit was a home OSU game, but we had no trouble at all navigating the town. Ended up at a couple good bars and enjoyed some yummy food.

We drove around searching for some thrift stores and found some interesting stores. I would say this was our best find. Mel found a few things she needed for her new room in Columbus and was thrilled to have hit 'jackpot'! If only you could smell what we had to smell while shopping around this gem of a store.

We quickly realized why it was so smelly... several animals were roaming free in the store. If you look at the picture... on top of the wooden cabinet you will see a white cat sleeping. His litter box was by my feet. The couch behind the cash register is where the large dog slept... I can only guess what else we would have discovered had we stayed a bit longer. :)

Mel found herself a book stand(?), a floral wall cabinet(?) and an accordion wall coat hanger. She was really happy with her finds and I was happy she found them all so quickly (so we didn't have to stay in stinky store too much longer) :)

Then it was time to eat and drink

Thanks for the great visit Mel!

And pizzzza!

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