December 13, 2011

Needle in My Neck!? Ugh.

Matt and I are back in Port Clinton after spending a wonderful two weeks at his parents house in Pittsburgh. We had fun Christmas shopping with his mom, cooking, watching movies and just relaxing. We have never spent that much time there in one visit. There are definitely some good things about Ohio University being on the quarters class schedule, however this is their last year using quarters. Next year they will be on semesters. So this was definitely a treat and one that I'm not sure will get to happen again. We are back in P.C. for a couple weeks and then head back to Pittsburgh for Christmas. How nice it has been to not be tied to Athens. We are "family people" and enjoy our time with both of our families. Not to mention familiarity and the ability to shop wherever we want, when we want. Athens just doesn't provide much. So we are very thankful for our time away from the stress of school.

Speaking of being away from Athens....

I had intentions of working through the winter break in undergrad admissions in Athens. However, a week prior to break I started to not feel well. Matt and I decided that our best option was for me to take a break from work and head home. I am so thankful for a husband who suggested this idea and did not make me feel guilty for stepping away from a job I had only been at for a month and a half. Once home, my parents were on a mission to find out why I was feeling so lousy. Between my thyroid and anxiety, I was feeling awful. Since we discovered I had thyroid issues I have not actually been to a specialist (endocrinologist), so my parents and Matt thought it might be time to see someone who knows thyroid hormones best.

A few weeks ago I had an appointment in Cleveland with an endocrinologist and his Diabetes and Thyroid Management team.  My cousin initially started going to him when she had a Thyroid Storm after giving birth and my aunt goes to him regularly for treatment of her diabetes and thyroid. We were going to him with great recommendation, and... we had a great experience. He was very interested in finding out why I was not feeling well. The doctor and his physicians assistant were both frustrated with how I have been treated by my current doctor. They disagree with the medication he has me on and the suggestion of a strict low carb/gluten free diet. Not to mention their frustration with him 'playing' with such serious hormones when he is a general/allergy doctor. Anyway, it was a good consultation appointment. We left there with a plan... I was ordered blood work (it's the most regular part of a Thyroid Disease, blood work all the time), and an ultrasound with a biopsy of a nodule on my Thyroid.

I had an ultrasound a little over a year ago with results saying that I had a nodule larger than 1cm, the report suggested that I get another ultra sound in 6 months. The doctor I had been seeing did not seem concerned and never brought up the idea of another ultrasound. So being that we were fully trusting him, we didn't think anything of it. After going to the specialist, he seemed a tad concerned that I had not had another ultrasound. There was additional concern related to my sister having had Thyroid Cancer. He mentioned that most nodules over the 1cm need to be biopsied for cancer. So he referred me to his "go to man" for such things.

I had the biopsy this morning. It went well. I was obviously anxious leading up to the procedure, but once I was there, it was not as bad. For the biopsy there was a doctor and two radiology techs in the room. While viewing my thyroid with an ultra sound the doctor was able to get the "snips" of the nodule that he needed. After the initial shot of Novocain (the most painful part) I got four additional pokes. The strangest part of the experience was how oddly situated by head was. The biopsy was on the right lobe of the thyroid, so they had me turn my head sharply to the left and then up. I think my neck may be more sore from the positioning than the needles. ha. But after the Novocain wore off about 45 mins. later... the tenderness set in. Currently I'm sore. Swallowing hurts a bit and my neck is pretty sore to the touch.

But it's OVER! I feel much better having this experience behind me :). Now I wait until the 22nd of December when I have a doctors appointment with my endocrinologist to find out the results. If the nodule is cancerous, then we proceed with that... if it's not, then I believe the doctor will just keep his eye on the nodule and treat my hypothyroidism.

This is what a nodule on the Thyroid looks like and this is the reason I needed a biopsy. They found the nodule using an ultra sound, and then he went it for the snatch.

It kind of looked something like this. But this is not me... just a google image.

See... not too much damage. Just a simple band-aide :)  

Just a tiny hole.

So that has been my winter break so far. I am feeling better, and not nearly as awful as I initially felt. My appetite is back and I'm feeling more at peace. It may have to do with the fact that I have a doctor who is willing to investigate and I have an understanding that I will be okay. Fear is not worthy of my time and uncertainty will always be present, but I have unbelievable support surrounding me.

I hope all my family and friends are enjoying the Christmas spirit! Remember to enjoy the real reason for it all. Merry Christmas!

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  1. I'm so happy that went so well! I didn't know you were going to see a specialist but it's such a good thing you did. I hope the results come back with nothing serious and you're on your way back to being healthy! Love you so much :)