February 20, 2012

Mrs. T visits! Again!

Matt and I got another wonderful visit from his mom this past weekend. She got in Friday afternoon and just left this morning. We had a really nice time enjoying some of what Athens has to offer. We attended a magic show on Friday night. The magician is Bill Blagg. I had never heard of him before but he did a really good job. Lots of fun entertainment for kids and adults. Matt had to work the event for his practicum hours, so that left Mrs. T and I to enjoy each-others company for the show. We discovered the performer was from Wisconsin, which immediately caught our attention since the Thomson's are originally from the cheese state. We took time after the show to meet him and mention our love for Solly's, a hamburger joint in Milwaukee, which he had heard of! The highlight, or maybe the low light for Matt was witnessing a child through-up in the lobby of the hall.  Glad I missed that :)

On Saturday we enjoyed a relaxing day. Made some pizza for dinner, ate custard for desert and watched Midnight in Paris to cap off the night. We all enjoyed the custard and we all thought Midnight in Paris was cute. Successful night indeed!

On Sunday we took Mrs. T to our church. We enjoyed the worship music and the time spent talking about evangelism. I loved how the pastor summed up the message by talking about his daughter. His daughter is someone he loves dearly. He loves her to much he has no apprehension in speaking about her to whomever he encounters. He is never ashamed by her. He loves to share all the stories and experiences he has had with her to bring joy to others. He is not afraid to let the whole world know how in love he is with his daughter. I loved hearing this, because for me I am often stand off-ish about my beliefs. I never want to force them on anyone, and I try hard to lead a life by action and doing with a hope that others see something different about me. But I'm learning and trying to be comfortable with bragging, loving and sharing verbally about who my savior is. If we love Him like we love our family, why wouldn't we want to tell of His great stories and joys?

The rest of our visit with Mrs. T was nice and relaxed. We all helped make another Pinterest meal. If you are not Pinteresting, you should be! It's way too much fun on that site; awesome food and home decorating ideas to browse (along with much more). It's been my new favorite pass time over the last several months. We decided to make:

Pretty yummy. And we are pretty excited that asparagus is just about in season. Great prices at the grocery store.

So we loved our visit with Mrs. T! So glad she made the trip to see us yet again. We both have had wonderful parents during this chapter of our life who are so willing to travel to see us, and to do it often. My parents always seem up for a road trip and Mrs. T never ceases to amaze me with the adventure she is willing to take on alone. You guys are our rocks! Thank you for loving us!

I think a visit from Matt's mom was a nice little refresher for Matt. He is definitely in the heart of school work and assistantship duties. Only about three weeks left in this quarter! But I do know that means Matt has several assignments on his plate. I must mention that Matt never ceases to amaze me with his "cool, calm and collected" attitude. He never sees something as impossible and truly takes it one day at a time. Sheesh is there a lot to learn from my husband. I know he will conquer this quarter just like the last.

As for me, I have some pretty big things coming up this week. I'm not going to go into too much detail just yet, but what happens this week has a lot to do with my future and in particular my future in Athens. So if people want to pray, cross their fingers and toes, send good vibes... whatever it might be. I need 'em. Hopefully I'll be back to talk about all this and provide good news. However I will document the outcome no matter what the news is. :)

The sun seems to be shining quite nicely today. And the air in Athens is expected to warm up a bit. I can't complain about 55 degrees, even if showers are included in the forecast. For me, the little things in Athens continue to be big.

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