February 24, 2012

Pipes Burstin'

While Matt was doing dishes a few nights ago his toes started to get wet. Confused and shocked he got to the floor, threw the cupboard doors open and found a spring of flowing water. Our cleaning agents and supplies were found in a quarter inch of water, while Matt and I screamed, laughed and ran around the house trying to find old towels and a low enough bucket to catch our new water source.

So we went a few days with out a kitchen sink and no dish washer. What a pain in the butt. Not to mention how much you use the sink, even if you are just quickly rinsing your hands. Matt decided to put an empty pizza box over the sink to remind ourselves not to use it. I still found my self headed towards the sink only to be reminded that our bathroom was our new kitchen. ew.

The repair man came today! Yay! My kitchen is cleaner and my dishes are all clean! This apartment is teaching us a lot. It's the best way to learn because at this point it feels so good knowing it's at our land ladies expense :)


Bad picture, but this is where Matt screamed that their was a large turd sticking out of the pipe. ew. again.

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