March 2, 2012

March 2, 2007

Five years have passed since the terrible Bluffton University bus crash. My gosh was it sad. That day holds the power similar to the day of 9/11. You just don't forget where you were, what you were doing. That day was Bluffton's day. That day was a day that families lives changed forever. Where Bluffton changed forever. I am proud to be from Bluffton University. That place was/is family. I am so proud of that community and the people who make it what it is.

Here are my thoughts from five years ago:

"ashes to ashes we all turn to dust, somewhere there's a heaven where nothing will rust, some of us go early and some stay long, this lifes but a moment it's here and then it's gone."

with a smile on my face
because my teeth had just been shined
i looked at my phone and saw the message.
the voice rang louder than normal in my ear.

tragedy struck and i screamed in confusion
catching my roommate off guard.
-early morning calls are never a good thing-
breakfast was planned for this morning
but our appetites had been lost.

-classes cancelled-
silence filled the air, and i drank my coffee black
for the first time ever.
who knew what would follow,
yet hard weeks of remembering and questioning.

campus stood still and the trees stood taller,
proudly displaying there knew purple ribbons.
a constant reminder of Bluffton's fallen ones.
a reminder of life and how quickly it can be gone.
Bluffton pride has roared louder than before and
purple is no doubt our favorite color.

chapel proved to be powerful and undeniably moving.
we were met there with the Lord's presence and the tears...
they followed.
but it was a friend standing near who placed their hand on my shoulder,
that reminded me he was there too.
at the opening of my eyes, my damp cheeks just moistened by my tears,
i turned to him and he hugged me.

time was not counted nor kept these moments, but rather used to praise
and worship our greatest love.
and when it was all over, words had been spoken,
hearts had been filled and hope was renewed.

the dirt was raked,
the bags were measured
the sun shined,
and the boys took their places...
the game was ready to be played,
and this time for so much more.  

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