March 16, 2012

Something Beautiful

Home is something beautiful. A place that holds a little more love, a thousand more memories and comforts you just can't get anywhere else. We are home. Well, we are at my home. My parents live on Lake Erie and it's the place I called home all through college and we called home for our first year and a half of marriage. When we come back here from Athens, I am home. I can't get enough of the lake, the sights, the small town. I just love this place.

We are on spring break, and loving it. We have spent the first week of break from Ohio University here with my parents in Port Clinton. We have had unbelievable weather. Sunshine that makes the water look like diamonds, visions of birds swooping in to catch their meal and ducks peacefully swimming by. Not only has the sunshine made for amazing outdoor adventures, but my parents sun room fills with heat that melts my bones. I can just lay on the floor of the sun room and take in all the warmth the room produces for hours. I will have a sun room someday. It's amazing what it can offer to a home.  We can easily say that we have loved our time being home. The only problem is how fast it has gone.

Matt, my mom and I traveled out to East Harbor State Park to enjoy a beautiful 77 degree day. It's amazing to see Lake Erie as flat as glass. We took advantage of God's beauty and soaked in all the day had to offer. I got a few more freckles on my winter white skin, Matt got to act like a 5 year old and my mom helped capture it all on camera. The day was a success.

Lake Erie... looking towards Lakeside. 

I got a hair cut! Hello bangs! Bangs are annoying. But I'm learning to tame them and prevent the mullet look. It's a lot of work. 

My mom spent her time taking pictures. A pretty normal activity for my mama.

All Matt wanted to do was play. He was tired of smiling for the camera.

The true Matt Matt.

And what Matt really enjoyed doing... throwing drift wood back into the lake. He is pretty entertaining.

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