June 15, 2012

Baby Brain

Another week has come and gone. What a fast summer this already is.

I'm busier than I have been probably since last summer and I really like it. I like that I know what I am doing. I like that I am financially contributing to our marriage and I like that I love where I work. So much to be thankful for there. I mean we have all had jobs we weren't thrilled with I'm sure--to do something you love is a grand gift.

Yesterday I had a visit with my Midwife for a yearly checkup. Things are good. But what was different about this visit from my previous visits is that she wanted to talk about babies. Now, I would not ordinarily share the content of my Midwife visit with just anyone, but this visit really got me excited. Only because I have baby on the brain, it was nice to hear her bluntly ask about babies. When do we want to conceive (still a couple years away)? What am I doing to prepare? What do I foresee for a pregnancy? Questions that I secretly have spinning around my head. And yet yesterday I got to talk about it. I asked about my concerns about the medications I am on. I was able to ask about the risks of my baby having thyroid trouble...

Just talk about it and not feel silly for asking all my questions.

I still feel young ya' know... like being a mom is still so far away--because I'm just not old enough yet.

Such a weird feeling--to be on the eve of such an exciting and big chapter of our life. 

{So lets see if I can be better about taking my women's daily vitamin more regularly.} 

I'm pretty sure I still feel {and sometimes act} like I'm about this old:

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