June 13, 2012


The last couple days have been pretty special. One of our dearest friends from undergrad was up on the Lake for his brothers ordination in Lakeside. Kyle was Matt's best friend from college and we really just don't see Kyle and his lovely wife, Sharon, enough. We decided that the last time we saw them was at our wedding. How crazy is that? Almost two years. Sheesh.

It's always a bit sad when you think back to the wonderful relationships we have in this life that we just don't get to nurture enough. Whether it be distance, time or simply drastically different paths. For us I think it's more the distance and time thing. So when this opportunity developed to hang out with this amazing couple, you better believe Matt and I were all over it. It was fun to laugh and remember some pretty hilarious stories from the college chapter of our lives.

Thank goodness for dear friends and for the ability to pick up right where we left off.

We also got to hang out a bit with the pastor who married us! Trevor is a pretty awesome guy, he was a big part of our church life while at college--and seeing him was great; so a picture was needed.

Overall I can not be more thankful for a wonderful last two nights. And last evening was topped off with a beautiful Lake Erie sunset that Matt and I are so often spoiled by.

Oh how I wish to make the Lake my permanent home someday...


  1. Beautiful photos. The weather is nice and yes I love my house to be next to a lake. ^_^