June 17, 2012


Pretty sure I can't adequately accumulate the right words to express my love for my dad. He is only the first guy to love me, teach me, and respect me. A constant cheerleader and a constant driving source to my success.

He taught me what a great guy was from the beginning. He also taught me that all those great things could be found in my future husband and supported me while discovering that Matt was the guy that had all those wonderful things.

My dad is a dad who cares so deeply for me--so genuinely.

I really and truly can only wish that all got to experience a father like mine. Present, loving, passionate, travel to the ends of the earth and back--

Yes, that's my dad.


  1. I am new to your blog :) Loved your Father's Day post! So sweet!

  2. New follower :) You looked gorgeous on your wedding day! I think we're going to get a long great...as I am equally baby craving :) I look forward to sharing with you!