June 19, 2012

A Special Wedding

This past weekend my parents and I celebrated the wedding of my first best friend ever.

I had been looking forward to this wedding for a good while. I was so bummed when I learned that Matt would not be able to get off work for it. I was really excited for him to see a part of my past, hang out with some of my favorite friends from school, and enjoy an evening of 'love'.

Although Matt could not be there I did have a great time. I spend most of the night with my best girlfriend from my past, Meghan. It felt so good to be chatting, catching up and reminiscing. The groom, Kenneth, Meghan and I were very much our own little clan. Meghan and Kenneth lived next door to each other and I lived across the street from them. We kinda had the perfect set up. I have great memories from middle school and high school--bonfires in the back yard, toilet papering episodes, shaving cream fights, football games in the front yard... the list goes on.

I always knew that whoever got to marry Kenneth would be a pretty special girl. And she is. Jenny gets the chance to be highly entertained for the rest of her life because of the awesome guy that Kenneth is. And well Jenny is pretty great too. If I remember correctly we were in girl scouts together and she lived in my neighborhood, we played on the same t-ball teams and were a part of a similar grouping of girlfriends. Looking back the two of them together really does make perfect sense.

So happy that we got to witness such a beautiful ceremony. The love in the room was abounding and it was insanely apparent how madly in love they are. It was exactly where I wanted to be, right at that moment, witnessing exactly what was meant to be seen.

Congratulations Kenneth and Jenny and congrats to both families! :) muchmuchlove.

The groom...

Groom's sister

The groom's parents

The beautiful bride...

 Our former neighbor and Kenneth's mama!

And now a blast from the past!

Playing who knows what on the swing set...

A first day of school picture...

Halloween football game...

And at Kenneth's wedding!

Back in the day... Meghan, Kenneth and I

And at his wedding!

Other pictures from the night:

There was a photo booth. Otherwise we would not have been in these hats. I assure you. 

This is Tricia, another great friend who lived just down the road :) 

Again, congrats Kenneth and Jenny! Could not be happier for you two!

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  1. Just Awesome!!!! Love your photos....