June 21, 2012


I'm embracing the camera this week with some photo booth pictures from this past weekend. You just can't go wrong with a photo booth. We loved ours at our wedding and it was just as fun to make faces at the most recent wedding. I was thrilled to get my parents in on the action. They even proceeded to go in without me a bit later in the night! Ow, ow!

My dear friend from high school, Meghan, and I hopped on in--and then my mom and I begged my dad to smile for our family shoot. Maybe you can see an ity-bity smirk on his face? Maybe. Maybe I'm seeing things? The man just won't fake a smile. :)


  1. oh I can definitely see a smirk.
    too cute!

  2. oooohhhh, FUN! What a great idea and the photos are fab :)