September 7, 2012


It's Friday and that is a beautiful thing.

Hoping to find some time this weekend to relax and do everything I need to do to feel like I've got things under control again.

The list includes:
Editing pictures for clients
Writing a paper
Ironing (ack)
Reading (for class)
Watching Hunger Games and The Lucky One with my hubby

If these things get done. It will be a great weekend!

Today I am wearing an old pink sweater of mine that had never been my favorite. I hated the original buttons and never understood why they were a tortoiseshell brown and black color. Well grandma fixed that for me by replacing them with some old gold buttons. Now this is my favorite sweater. Thanks gram! :)

Guys, (ladies) I have an "L" shaped desk! I also have the most interesting filing cabinet with a cushion on it for sitting! UM, cool. and I have a window, a WINDOW! This is awesome and great and wonderful and the sun is shining on me. I know this office looks drab at the moment, I know, I know.... but we are getting there and soon enough our office will be one fantastic place to be.

This is one of my coworkers and fellow classmates. He decided to steal my phone and I decided to post a picture of him on my blog. He claims this is his Myspace picture.

Happy Friday Friends! 

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  1. Um that filing cabinet with a cushion seriously IS awesome. I'm kinda jealous and kinda' want to go find one today! LOL, enjoy decorating the office! :) I can't hang anyyyyything on my walls at work so I feel like it's pretty blahhhh!