September 10, 2012

Weekend Recap

You know what I should be doing right now? Writing a paper.

You know what I am not doing right now? Writing a paper.

I am instead saying hello to all my blog friends out there. Hi friends! Matt and I had an exciting weekend and I'm hear to bore you with all the details. :)

We originally thought we would be headed to Matt's hometown in Pittsburgh, but had plans change fairly last minute. Instead we opted for a shopping trip to Parkersburgh, West Virginia. It's true... we travel to West Virginia if we want to shop some where with more options than WalMart. I still find it weird that I live so close to another state, and a state with such Appalachiany roots.

We shopped. I bought stuff. :)
We went out to eat.
We came home and watched the Hunger Games. 
& It was indeed the most perfect impromptu date night we have had in a long while. 

Matt liked these glasses and knew I would love the color so he insisted on buying them for me. Kind of fun and retro all the same.

That night I was getting really excited about our movie choices for the evening, The Hunger Games and The Lucky One. We even reserved the movies ahead of time so all we had to do was pick them up. Once the machine spit the movies out Matt noticed something looking at tad bit odd:

Someone replaced the actual disc with a CD-R. They removed the tracking sticker from the middle of the original disc, placed it on the CD and returned it. (Didn't they know how devastated I would be when I didn't get the chick-flick I was so desperately looking forward to? Of course it had to be The Lucky One that didn't actually exist in the Redbox). Matt called Redbox, they apologized, gave us free promo codes and asked us to return the disc to the Redbox machine. Luckily the Hunger Games was actually the Hunger Games and we got to enjoy a nice night of movie time.

On Saturday we went to our first Ohio University football game. I love football. It's an Ohio thing and it's my families thing. Side note: I was a high school cheerleader (basketball & football, probably didn't expect that, huh? Me either).

Sunday morning we went to church. Boy had I missed this church. This church very much feels like 'our' church. I can spend the whole service staring into the stained glass windows of this building. Just amazing.

Sunday morning breakfast. egg casserole.

And we also had a little time left for some home decorating. My nickname in college was Buttons. It was a name given to me by Matt far before we were ever a couple. It's an enduring name and one I have always kinda loved. This past anniversary Matt gave me giant buttons for our wall. I have never seen anything like it before and I just love them. They are quite whimsical and perfectly perfect for us. 

Happy Monday! I hope it was a good one for you all!

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  1. :( People are so crappy--I'm glad you got to watch The Hunger Games though! And free promo codes is a nice plus! Beautiful pic of the stained glass :) Looks like an overall great weekend!