September 5, 2012

Just another Wednesday

Just another day in the life of me.

Found this gem (I'm assuming) of a CD laying in the grass on campus. GRIND MORE, HUSTLE HARDER. Vol. 10. duh.

Wore some stripes and yellow shoes. And yea I wore white pants after Labor day. Oh well.

Came home to Matt telling me that he got 'us' something for my birthday. He told me to guess what is was with the one clue being, "we both use it often". Somehow I guessed a new shower head on the first try (no idea why). So I walked to the shower to find the largest shower head I have ever seen. Like really? I have really high expectations for this shower head. My husband is funny. I'll keep you posted on the 'enjoyability' of my next shower. :)

And while heading up town to celebrate a friends' birthday, we spotted a Romney tour bus. Not sure why or who is on this bus, but I'm thinking it's Ann Romney since she was in northern Ohio today. Who knows. But we did manage to get this incredibly terrible and blurry picture.

Guess what? I only have to read for tomorrow's class. No paper, no article critique, no blog post... just reading. It feels like it's a weekend night. Partaaaay.

Oh and it's 10pm and my husband just got the deep fryer out. He takes the whole 'late night snack' to the extreme. Yes, I'm pretty sure we are on our way to high cholesterol, and yes, I do worry about my husbands arteries. But when this man craves deep fried cheese, the man craves deep fried cheese.

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