January 26, 2014


Today is a day of snow fall and homework. Homeworkkkkk. icky.

And the snow is icky too. We missed church because of it.

But homworkkkk. real icky. Is it May yet?

I'm two weeks into surviving my last semester as a student. Come at me week three. I've got you.

Images that made my past week super wonderful and super thankful for the life I have:

My mom and dad came to visit for my moms birthday! Happy Birthday sweet mama!

Working from home buddy.

My sleepy boys.

 I know, I know... I like my dog. But ya' know what? I use to want to apologize for so many pictures of this furry dude, but let's be honest, he's cute and he makes my life really happy (& stressful at times). But he's really just a big deal in my house. So puppy pictures it is.

Happy week friends!

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