March 22, 2014


I've been missing in action. that's for sure.

I'm down to 40 some days left of grad school and then I graduate! OH man... that's going to be one glorious day! Currently life consists of finishing up projects and papers, working a ton, job searching (eeeek) and planning for our crazy summer!

Matt and I found a new home to rent! Its a house, a single family, 3 bedroom house! Oh and with a front and back yard, a sunroom and a garage. Movin' on up... we are so excited for this.

Meet our cute new home:

We move mid July, I'm dreading the packing and the move, but looking very forward to a home with more room and storage. We are so thankful to have found this home in a town where rentals go fast and for lots of monies.

We may have a lot to look forward to in July, but May and June also holds some very special exciting happenings. I graduate in May and then we leave for our "2nd Honeymoon" a few days later! Yes, we are going on a "do-over" honeymoon, since our real honeymoon was too hilarious. However this time we are going with another couple, some of our best friends, so just in case we loose water and electricity (like last time) we will have wonderful friends to laugh with!

Come June, we are headed to Europe! It's crazy to even say (type) that. We are going to Europe! This is a dream trip, one that we never, ever thought would be possible. As the stars aligned and the time became just right, we were able to make this trip possible. We will be traveling with my parents, another dream aspect of this trip. As my dad was stationed in France during his military deployment, he has always dreamed of traveling back... so we are doing just that. But instead of just visiting France we are also taking on Italy, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Needless to say... we have one heck of a summer ahead of us! In a lot of ways this summer is a transitional season for Matt and I. Crossing big and significant things off our bucket list, things we were hopeful for, but never so sure would happen. We are very blessed and we are very aware of this. We want to thoroughly enjoy our special and amazing gifts this summer has to offer and not take any of it for granted. And as the summer comes to an end, I look forward to memories that will last a lifetime and a sense of accomplishment as we look towards the next season of our life together. Hopefully a season that includes professional jobs in our desired field, babies and the simplicity of living out our next chapter of life with happiness and contentment.

What a year this might be!

And for some cuteness.... Gouda being Gouda:

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