April 11, 2014

21 Days....

I graduate in 21 days!  

Not sure I ever thought I would see the last three weeks of grad school... but here we are! I'm only three assignments away from it being all over... and then it's done.

I'm having mixed emotions. I really can't wait until schoolwork is a thing of the past. But I'm nervous too. I know I can do school. I know how that works. But the big professional world... not so much. Have I ever mentioned that I'm a creature of habit? Throw something new at me and watch me cringe.

But this time... I want to claim something different. I'm claiming peace over anxiety. I'm claiming confidence over uncertainty. I'm claiming success over failure. This time, my job hunt and life post-school is going to be very different.

I'll get me a job... I just have got to be patient. At least I know I'll be cute in my new suit ;)

In three weeks I graduate but I also end my time as a graduate assistant. I have never loved a job as much as I love what I have been doing this year. I've taught a freshman course, I've led workshops, I've coached students towards better academic performance, I've advised students on career choices.... I've felt significant this year, finally doing something that just feels so 'right'. And on top of it all, I'm saying goodbye to some of my most favorite people ever... and something about that just feels sad.

I love these people.

and I love my dog.

Thank goodness for my pup and my hubby and for the privilege of higher education and for all the blessings I have in this life.... This graduate school chapter of my life has been good, really really good. I can't wait to see what comes next.

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